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St Petersburg’s Legal Framework For Child Support Cases

In Florida, the approach to child support is governed by the income shares model, which aims to maintain the child’s standard of living by proportionately dividing the financial responsibilities based on each parent’s income.

This model is detailed in Florida Statutes Section 61.30, which provides a comprehensive formula for calculating child support. This formula includes adjustments for each parent’s income, health insurance premiums, daycare expenses, and other relevant child-related costs.

Local Court Procedures in St Petersburg

Navigating the court system in St Petersburg involves several specific procedures that anyone involved in child support or custody cases must understand:

  • Filing the Case: Initiating a child support or custody case requires filing a petition at the Pinellas County Courthouse. This petition should include all relevant financial documentation and a proposed parenting plan if custody is also at issue.
  • Mandatory Disclosure: Florida law requires both parties to exchange financial information through a process called mandatory disclosure, which helps ensure that all child support calculations are based on accurate data.
  • Case Management Conferences: Early in the process, parties must attend a case management conference, a court-ordered meeting that helps plan the course of the case.
  • Mediation: Before going to trial, parties are typically required to attempt mediation, which provides a chance to resolve issues amicably and avoid the uncertainties of court.
  • Trial: If mediation fails, the case will proceed to trial, where a judge will make decisions based on the evidence presented.

Complex Scenarios and Strategic Guidance

Handling complex child support scenarios requires thorough preparation and strategic legal thinking, especially when dealing with high-conflict cases or when parents live in different states.

Bernstein Law provides expert navigation through:

  • Interstate Custody: For parents living in different states, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) applies, and we help ensure that your rights are protected across state lines.
  • Adjustments for Special Needs: If a child has special needs, additional costs may be considered, and we advocate for these necessities to be acknowledged in the support calculations.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications: Life changes such as a job loss, illness, or a significant change in the needs of the child can necessitate modifications to original support or custody orders. We guide clients through the legal process to seek these modifications, ensuring that the support remains fair and equitable.

St Petersburg Child Support Resources

For those seeking more information or needing to access forms and resources, the Pinellas County Clerk’s website offers valuable tools and guides. Additionally, Bernstein Law can direct you to workshops and support groups that provide further assistance during these challenging times.

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Why Choose Bernstein Law?

Choosing the right lawyer is crucial, and at Bernstein Law, you get more than just legal expertise. Derek Bernstein brings a blend of sharp legal acumen and a warm, approachable style to every case. Our firm is renowned in St Petersburg for its robust community connections and successful track record in child support and custody cases.

Whether it’s negotiating an agreement or representing you in court, Bernstein Law stands out for its dedication to fighting for your family’s best interests while ensuring you feel supported throughout the entire process.

Comprehensive Child Support Services

At Bernstein Law, we understand that each child support case carries its unique challenges and emotional weights. Our dedicated team, led by Derek Bernstein, St. Petersburg’s renowned child support lawyer, is here to navigate you through every aspect of child support, from initial calculations to post-judgment modifications.

Child Support Calculations

We start by accurately calculating child support based on Florida’s income shares model, considering all relevant factors such as each parent’s income, health care costs, and child care expenses to ensure a fair assessment.
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St. Petersburg Child Support Modifications

Life changes, and so may your child support needs. Whether it’s a significant change in income, employment, or family dynamics, we’re here to help you navigate the process of modifying your child support to reflect your current circumstances accurately.

Order Enforcement

If you’re facing challenges with the enforcement of existing child support orders, Bernstein Law has the expertise to assist in ensuring that your children receive the support they are entitled to. We work diligently to resolve enforcement issues, whether they require negotiating with the other party or pursuing legal remedies in court.

Custody Disputes

Beyond financial support, we represent and advise on custody disputes, striving for arrangements that best serve the child’s interests while protecting your parental rights. From mediation to courtroom representation, Bernstein Law is your advocate.

St. Petersburg Child Support Resources 

Workshops and Support Groups

We provide links and information about local workshops and support groups that can offer additional guidance and community support as you navigate your child support or custody journey. These resources can be invaluable in helping you understand your rights and the legal process, as well as in coping with the emotional aspects of these challenging times.

Direct Links

All resources include direct links for details and easy access, ensuring you have all the support at your fingertips.

South County Mediation Cases – St. Petersburg Courthouse

  • Location: 545 1st Ave. S., Room 109, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • Services include family and dependency mediation, and it offers mediation for various civil cases as well. This facility also handles small claims mediation and arbitration.

St. Petersburg Judicial Building

  • Location: 545 First Ave. N., Room 103, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • This location provides self-help services and is essential for those needing to file petitions or other court documents.

St. Petersburg Counseling

  • Provides a range of family counseling services, including Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). They focus on enhancing family relationships and addressing the complex dynamics within families.

The Toby Center for Family Transitions

  • Offers various services to support families going through transitions such as separation and divorce. Their services include mediation, supervised visitation, and workshops designed to improve co-parenting.

Recent Testimonials

Knowledgeable, Passionate, & Informative

Derek is very knowledgeable and passionate with his work. He is very good at communicating with his clients and keeping everyone informed. If you want someone in your corner he is your man, he will be there every step of the way.

Adam G.

Awesome Advice!

Mr. Bernstein quickly answered questions even when not retained or could be retained in my specific area. It’s a comfort knowing there are good individuals out there that actually care about families and most of all children’s well being, all through sharing the knowledge gained through many extensive years of education, practice and on hand experience.

Joshua K.

Amazing Lawyer

I have consulted Derek multiple times regarding legal advice and he is always on point regarding personal injury cases. Also, an honest individual looking our for his clients best interest

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One of the Good Guys

Mr. Bernstein has advised me on the number of business matters, and has proven to be knowledgeable, professional and thorough.

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Professional, Courteous & a Winner

Mr. Bernstein has been do PIP Suits for my office over the past few years. He is one of the best I’ve seen at getting these settled quickly. Thanks for your hard work.

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ALWAYS the Best!

We utilize Mr. Bernstein for our PIP suit work against insurance companies and we are always treated professionally and their firm always finds us lost money.

Dr. Anthony

Great Lawyer

Provided me with the information I needed and kept answering my questions, even though I thought I was becoming annoying.

Stephen L.

Excellent Attorney!

Derek is a very dedicated and hardworking Attorney. Easy to get in touch with as he is technologically very savvy and makes himself available through many different avenues. It helps tremendously that he is also very understanding of clients needs. All around a great guy and a great Attorney.

Dejan D.

Thank You

In the short time Mr. Bernstein has been representing my clinic, he has shown himself to be a proven winner. He is professional and courteous in all interactions with my staff and others. His knowledge and acumen has made our business relationship a successful one.

Dr. Fred

St Petersburg Child Support Lawyer FAQs

How Do I Initiate A Child Support Case In St. Petersburg?

To begin a child support case in St. Petersburg, you must file a petition with the Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court. The petition should include relevant financial documents and a detailed parenting plan if custody is also a matter of dispute. Bernstein Law can help prepare and file your documents to ensure everything is in order for your case.

What Factors Influence Custody Decisions In Florida?

Custody decisions in Florida are primarily based on the best interests of the child. Factors considered include the child’s age and health, the emotional bond between each parent and the child, each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s needs, and the stability of the home environment. At Bernstein Law, we advocate for your parental rights while focusing on achieving the best outcome for your children.

How Can I Modify An Existing Child Support Or Custody Order?

Modifications to child support or custody orders require proving a substantial change in circumstances since the last order was issued. This might include a significant change in income, relocation, or changes in the child’s needs. Bernstein Law can assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and presenting your case effectively to the court.

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