General Legal Advice Videos

Bernstein Law was founded on the principle to bring service back into the legal profession. No more not getting a return call from your attorney, or being told that they are in a meeting. At Bernstein Law the philosophy is simple, we are in the service industry.

Can they revoke my bond?

What time should I get to the courthouse?

Do I need an interpreter for court?

What to do in court if witness doesn’t show up?

What should I do if served with an injunction in Florida?

How much does it cost to file a lawsuit?

How much does it cost to file a lawsuit?

Where is my hearing at?

Can I darken my taillights glass?

Can my ex’s family and friends still call me after I got a restraining order?

Do I need to clean up during construction project on my home?

Can I represent myself in court? What is the different levels of court?

Where are the water fountains at in Courthouses?

Business tip for those who are not morning people.

Can a case get dismissed if nothing is done on it for a long time?

How to tell if my Florida Drivers license is suspended?

Where can I get help if I can’t afford a lawyer?

Can I get a ticket for not moving over when an emergency vehicles lights are on?

Can I get pulled over for a light that’s out?

What do I do if I just got served?

Do I need to shred papers?

What time do I need to arrive at the courthouse?

What is a retainer?

Are red light cameras constitutional?

Should I use the restroom before court?

Is mandatory disclosures really required?

How to handle pre trial conferences?

What’s the difference between civil and criminal law?

How to never show up to court under dressed.

How to park at the courthouse in Clearwater Florida?

How far from the curb do i need to park?

Do I have to park with the flow of traffic?

Bernstein Law and The Moledo Group- a real estate and law Facebook Event.

Why you should always fight your traffic tickets.

What can I do if I get sick from a restaurant?

Can the HOA foreclose on my house?

Does that Facebook message really keep my stuff private?

Can I get pulled over for the cover on my license plate?

Can renters fly American flags?

Landlord tenant issues- Can I change the locks on my tenant?

What does Florida No Fault state mean?

Get alcohol through TSA security and it’s legal.

Legal tip- what do you do after you burn the Thanksgiving turkey?

What is defamation? Libel? Slander?

Take caution when driving on Halloween

What is freedom of speech?

Will I have to do jury duty if I register to vote?

What should I wear to court?

How to get to and where to park Hillsborough County Courthouse, Tampa Florida.

What do I say to the cops when pulled over?

Hurricane Michael and unlicensed contractors

Can I drive and use my phone?

Did Justin Bieber get married without a prenup?

What to do if your home is damaged by a storm or fire?

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

What is hearsay?

What to do if where I’m renting goes into foreclosure.

What is attorney client privilege? How can I lose it?

How do I use videos to help promote my business?

Do I want an aggressive attorney? Communication is key

In My Feelings Challenge; lawyer version

Does my attorney have to prepare for hearings?

Ariana grande engagement ring; who keeps the ring if the wedding is called off?

Where can I get help if I can’t afford a lawyer?