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In the blink of an eye your life can change. Whether it is commuting to work or driving your children to school we all in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area use our cars to get around. With so many people traveling around the bay area at once it is destined that you will hear the screech of tires and that crashing sound.  While only an inconvenience when you are stuck in traffic on the Courtney Campbell or Howard Frankland, when an accident happens to you, it can alter your life forever.

At Bernstein Law we know that getting into a car crash can be a scary and confusing time for you and your family and we are dedicated to helping you through this tough time.  Below you will find common questions that most people have after an accident.

What do I do immediately after the accident?

  • Move your vehicle to a safe place- If your vehicle is operational move it to a safe place and turn on your hazards. If your vehicle is not operational and you can safely move yourself, do so.
  • Call for emergency response- Call the Sheriff, police or Fire to come out to the scene and assess the situation. Get medical attention if needed and always get a police report.
  • Do not make statements of fault- You were just in a crash. Do not be quick to judge what happened. Do not admit to the other driver or anyone that it was your fault until Bernstein Law does an investigation.
  • Get information from the other driver- This includes Insurance and also taking photos of the vehicles and location.

When to hire an attorney after a car accident?
In simple terms immediately. Insurance companies who know you are not represented will try to negotiate with you knowing you do not know the law or medicine. They will try to get you to make statements against your interests and try to convince you that your injuries are only temporary. It is a shame when someone settles a case on their own only to find out their medical condition is way worse than they thought.

When you have representation like Bernstein Law we will make sure you don’t get those harassing phone calls, don’t make unnecessary statements and don’t fall into the traps of the insurance company.

How much does representation on a car crash cost?
At Bernstein Law we offer a free evaluation and consultation of your case. If there is no case, it costs you nothing. If you are indeed injured and have a claim, we will assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.
Our fee is based on a contingency, meaning if we do not collect for you, we charge no fee.

If you have been injured in a car crash and need to speak to an attorney for a free consultation please reach out to Attorney Derek Bernstein via email at or by calling his cellphone at 407-405-4684 to schedule an appointment.

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Knowledgeable, Passionate, & Informative

Derek is very knowledgeable and passionate with his work. He is very good at communicating with his clients and keeping everyone informed. If you want someone in your corner he is your man, he will be there every step of the way.

Adam G.

Awesome Advice!

Mr. Bernstein quickly answered questions even when not retained or could be retained in my specific area. It’s a comfort knowing there are good individuals out there that actually care about families and most of all children’s well being, all through sharing the knowledge gained through many extensive years of education, practice and on hand experience.

Joshua K.

Amazing Lawyer

I have consulted Derek multiple times regarding legal advice and he is always on point regarding personal injury cases. Also, an honest individual looking our for his clients best interest

Justin L.

One of the Good Guys

Mr. Bernstein has advised me on the number of business matters, and has proven to be knowledgeable, professional and thorough.

Grant T.

Professional, Courteous & a Winner

Mr. Bernstein has been do PIP Suits for my office over the past few years. He is one of the best I’ve seen at getting these settled quickly. Thanks for your hard work.

Dr. K

ALWAYS the Best!

We utilize Mr. Bernstein for our PIP suit work against insurance companies and we are always treated professionally and their firm always finds us lost money.

Dr. Anthony

Great Lawyer

Provided me with the information I needed and kept answering my questions, even though I thought I was becoming annoying.

Stephen L.

Excellent Attorney!

Derek is a very dedicated and hardworking Attorney. Easy to get in touch with as he is technologically very savvy and makes himself available through many different avenues. It helps tremendously that he is also very understanding of clients needs. All around a great guy and a great Attorney.

Dejan D.

Thank You

In the short time Mr. Bernstein has been representing my clinic, he has shown himself to be a proven winner. He is professional and courteous in all interactions with my staff and others. His knowledge and acumen has made our business relationship a successful one.

Dr. Fred

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