Can my ex’s family and friends still call me after I got a restraining order?

Hello everybody out there in social media Land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here on a beautiful sunny day in downtown Clearwater and that’s why my glasses are changed colors is so beautiful today before the storm comes and hits us but I’m here to talk about domestic violence injunction so when you petition to get a domestic violence injunction and it is granted by the court the no-contact order there doesn’t just count for the respondent the person doing the battering and things like that it counts for their family their friends and anybody else who’s trying to make communication on that person’s behalf so if that person were to send a text of their brother to tell you that you suck or you’re a hole or whatever it may be that is breaking domestic violence injunction you bring that to the court you call the cops you say hey this person is violating their injunction they will be violated and they will go to jail or being stupid and violating the stuff so when it says no contact it means to every other person there as well so get your domestic violence injunctions that will protect you against their family harassing you as well so Derek Bernstein here your personal injury attorney helping you out beautiful day in Clearwater here keeping you out of jail.

What should I do if serve with an injunction in Florida?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here in beautiful Plant City Florida to go into an injunction hearing and I’m here to give you some advice with injunction hearings. Could be domestic violence, stalking, whatever it may be: don’t just agree to the time parameters of the injunction because your relationship ended or you don’t want to see them or you hate that neighbor or whatever it may be. There are legal ramifications to injunctions.  You can’t have any weapons, there are a lot of things, and maybe they might not allow you to travel. There are a lot of ramifications to accepting an injunction. So reach out to a good attorney, talk about it before going into court, getting hoodwinked, and accepting two, three, four year injunction because you never want to talk to that person again. So it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here, Plant City, Injunction time. You guys have a good day, if you have any questions; you know how to hit me up: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Carrier pigeon, whatever you want to get to me. 727-209-5797. Peace.

Do I get visitation with my child during covid -19?

Hello, everybody out there in social media land. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to give some good advice to those people out there with parenting plans. So if you’ve been divorced, you’ve had a child with somebody who you’re no longer with. What you do now that it is Covid-19 Corona time when it comes to your parenting plan? I would say, obviously, are the first and the most important thing is the health of your child right? So you need to be promoting hand washing and social distancing and all those things also. But right now as well, what if the other parent wants it and you don’t feel comfortable? How do you do it? It is tough. These parenting plans do not account for something like this. Sit down with your ex, discuss it, try to put your child’s health as the number one priority, not your feelings or their feelings, health is number one and if you have very specific things, you can always reach out to me to get more things but try to stay to your parenting plan unless it puts the health of your child at risk. So I don’t see judges taking these up very quickly and giving sanctions for them. However, you shouldn’t alienate the child from another parent just because of this sickness. Keep those family law questions coming, 727-209-7957. You can dm me, you can send me a text, you can do whatever you want and I will be able to answer your family law questions during this weird time. Have a good one!