What to do when my lawyer won’t return my calls?

Hello everybody they’re in Facebook world and Instagram. I didn’t get the opportunity to answer a question on Friday because my daughter was graduating from high school so I thought I’d do it today on a really rainy day here in downtown Tampa the roads are going to be slick so be careful somebody hit you know who to call and answer your questions but today I wanted to talk about a question I get a lot which is client communication I get a lot of people talking to me about how their attorney doesn’t return their call doesn’t return their email doesn’t get back to them they’re always talking to their paralegal what do I do so one of the first things that I like to tell people is as a client you have the right to know how your case is going what I like to tell people though is don’t be too overly tell us about it so what do I mean when I say overly zealous I mean don’t be the person sending an email every single day calling every single day seeing what’s going on with my case was going on with my case the best analogy I always tell people when I sign up new clients from car crashes or slip and falls is hurry up and wait so you’ll get the attorney will reach out to you need documents from you need things sign needs you to get bills whatever it may be sign this document get this back to me give me dates and then you won’t hear from them for a while and you may think that they’re being ignored you may think that they’re not doing their work they’re not doing anything for your case and that’s not always true for myself in general because I do have a large case volume it can take months for a hearing to get scheduled or a deposition or mediation so just because you’re not hearing from the person doesn’t mean that they’re ignoring you however if you are reaching out you’re sending emails you’re making phone calls you’re just asking for normal updates every month or so and you’re not getting responses that is abnormal you do deserve better than that and you should make it a point to reach out to that attorney in writing especially that you want an update on your case now if you are being consistently ignored you are being not responded to you do feel like this person is not responding to you then you do have the right to the representation that you believe you deserve so if you want to reach out to me and ask if something is an appropriate amount of time I usually like to get people to benefit the doubt when it comes to how long they are taking to get back with people but I’ve seen it many times where people are just left in the dark because their attorney or the attorneys staff is not handling things properly so I hope that answers your question please feel free to reach out you can win comment to this you can send me a direct message ask me any question you want next week I’ll tackle another one from downtown Tampa at the legal group over here over my right shoulder me know Thanks

Can I be fired for being gay?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it’s your personal injury Attorney Derek Bernstein here again for another rendition of ask an attorney Friday from the law offices of a legal group I appreciate all the kind words have been getting from my videos if you have any questions again leave a comment as well as I have a YouTube channel so please go on YouTube search my name watch the rest of the videos if this is the first one you’re watching so today I want to celebrate pride in St. Petersburg is tomorrow so I want to say happy Pride to everybody but also talk about a serious issue when it comes to employment law and the LGBTQ community as we sit here today there is literally no federal law that protects the LGBTQ community from being discriminated in the workplace so what do I mean when I say that I literally not that I would do it but if I was an employer and I found out one of my workers was gay I could fire them for being gay and there would be no law to actually protect them from that so it is really sad I believe as well in the state of Florida there’s no state law that doesn’t allow it as well so check the city you live in to see if the city itself has anything to stop people from discrimination but currently as we sit here today you can be fired literally for just being gay so it’s one of those things that I think the federal government needs to come on the real reason is that when you’re looking at employment law and discrimination it helps protected classes and protected classes essentially means religion means race and gender those are the big protected classes so if I came up to an assistant and I said essentially I fired her for being a woman she would have a claim against me for damages for firing that person if I were to fire somebody for being black being Latino being white you could sue me for doing that as well as age discriminations and other things so if you’re over 55 years old you could have a claim for discrimination as well but as we sit here today in 2018 you can be fired for being gay in the state of Florida and have no recourse against your employer depending on what city you live in so if you look you can search the city see if they have a law that actually protects people but I thought that I should spread this information on Pride weekend so be out there be safe show the love to everybody and keep the questions coming follow me on Instagram Facebook YouTube and we’ll see what else I come up with in the next week see you guys later have a good weekend

What does my employer need to contribute to my 401K? A legal blast

It is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another 30 second legal blasts this time from inside the gym at my building here to talk today about 401k contributions and I hope everybody is contributing to their 401k if they are getting matched by their employer a certain percentage and they left that job you need to go back to make sure that your employer is actually matching that percentage and putting it in and actually they have until the filing deadline to file their taxes for the next year to actually match it so if you left a job last year they should have paid those contributions by the tax deadline so if they have it we need to reach out to an attorney like myself look into that for you so another 30 second legal blasts from your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein.

Does my attorney have to prepare for hearings?

Through a personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here today taking my walk to the courthouse this is right back there live on one’s East Kenny Boulevard so it’s a nice short walk to the courthouse or some hearings really important thing is that you must prepare for hearings even if you’ve done them before always lay out time during your day or the day before look at your calendar make sure you know what you’re going up against who your opposing counsel is the up everything printed if you need printed or if you can avoid the hearing entirely by making a phone call or an email do that too because if you are going to unnecessary hearings then you’re not sitting behind the desk enough and you can’t settle cases at unnecessary hearing so it’s all those young attorneys out there and get a lot done with a phone call or an email to prepare ahead of time but if you have to go to a hearing you know I don’t like to over prepare meaning don’t sweat every single nuance the reason I say that is sometimes you’re too stuck on every single nuance you forget to listen you forget to react to the judge and that in my opinion would be even more valuable than knowing every miniscule detail obviously you want to know as much as you can about the topic you’re talking about but remember when in court to listen and to react and I find that to always work so it’s all young you young attorneys out there we’re nervous about hearings prepare but don’t over prepare so a little bit of tips from I’d like to think myself is a little bit seasoned attorney here on my walk to the Hillsborough County Courthouse I take you along for the ride good day

Can I get a DUI on a bicycle; A legal blast

It is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another thirty second legal blasts this time riding around on my bike through the St. Paul’s neighborhood out in front of St. Paul’s Church talking today about DUI so a lot of people think a DUI you can only get in a car that is not true or a motorcycle you can also get it on a bicycle so if you’re drinking down at the beach and you’re riding your bike you can get a DUI as well if you see those motorized scooters or other things that are basically motorized that you can ride on you can get a DUI so you can you’re going to lose your license riding a bicycle so if you’re riding your bike and you’re drinking put it down start walking can’t get in trouble for that another thirty second legal blasts your personal injury Attorney. Have a nice day.

In my feelings challenge; lawyer version

Hello everybody. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here, in my feelings, to talk to you about another legal question. I’m not going to dance for ya, no one wants to see that happen, but I want to talk to you about the new craze online: the in my feelings challenge. Everyone’s out there ‘ghost riding’ their ‘whips’, which for those of you are not online and don’t know what that means, it’s basically when people get out of their car, put it into drive, kind of keep the idler going, as they do dance moves and stuff like that. I know you wanted to come here, see me to some funky moves, but I’m going to talk to you more about how it pertains to the law. Those kids are out there looking at Instagram, they on Facebook and everyone’s jumping out of their cars and doing silly stuff. I’m here to tell you from a legal perspective that is insane. So what’s going to happen is, you can get lucky and be one of those people, post it online, get a lot of likes, get some comments, and people will follow you. That’s great but I’ve already seen online, from one girl leaning out her window, getting hit by a stop sign, dying. This type of stuff from a legal perspective is just crazy. You can’t do it if you were to put that car in drive, it goes and hits somebody. It hits an object, it hits a person, you are going to be liable. And if you’re a young kid out there, like my children, and they drive one of my vehicles. That through vicarious liability means that that person will sue yours truly. So if you have a young kid, get up on the new stuff, talk to them tonight about not doing that, stay in their car. If they’re going to take videos and they ‘must’ do it, put the car in park, do it at a stop light, or on the side of the road. Make your Instagram pics, do your stuff, put it through the filters, get your followers. Not hating anybody for that but you have to do it safe. I’m all in my feelings today, telling people to not be dumb. Don’t do stupid stuff, but also with vicarious liability, if you have children or let others use your car and they do something stupid like this, that video will come up at trial which goes to show that that person is at fault and if you do that, you’re going to be on the hook to what your kids do with vicarious liability. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here, all in my feelings. Maybe next time I’ll think about dancing with you guys. Spread the word, stay in your car, don’t do videos while you’re driving and stay safe out there. Keep the stuff coming , click subscribe on my YouTube channel so these things pop up for ya. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and or shoot I a text and I’ll try to answer all your questions. See ya guys.