If I commit suicide, does my family get my life insurance?

Hello everybody out there in Facebook and Instagram is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here at the campus of  FL legal group in downtown Tampa this for another episode of ask an attorney Friday been out of last couple weeks on vacation but now it’s back to business and I think it’s fitting today on this Friday to talk about a serious topic and one that coincides with the law and that is suicide so it’s not a topic I like to talk about but I think this message needs to be sent out there to those who have a life insurance policy and there may be feeling depressive or that suicide would be a better answer for their family because you have them set up financially under your life insurance I’m here to tell you as an attorney that I’ve never seen a life insurance policy not have an exemption for suicide so what does that mean legally it means if you were to kill yourself your family would not get any proceeds from your life insurance policy so to those out there who are feeling down suicidal don’t like they don’t want to do it anymore please reach out to somebody you care about a friend family doctor get the help you need it gets better suicide is not an answer and your life insurance policy will not take care of your family if you are to not be here Anymore so this is another episode of ask an attorney Friday you can leave me a message my Instagram my Facebook email text and I’ll try to breach that next Friday have a good weekend everybody and if you need any help reach out to somebody who cares thanks.

Should I have a will?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. It is your personal injury Attorney Derek Bernstein here for another edition of Ask an Attorney Friday from my living room here in today’s beautiful downtown St. Petersburg and we’re going to answer your question today I was posed with a question this week about wills why I should have one and what happens if I don’t have one so if you do have a will it goes through a process called probate if you don’t have a will it goes through a process called the intestacy which means that the state’s laws kick in and the state’s laws say what happens to your property when you die and I don’t know about you I don’t like the government telling me what to do with my property so I have a will so what you should do is even if you don’t have a lot of stuff even if you’re young and all you own is a car and a couple dollars in the bank and some things in your room go to an attorney draft up a simple will to say exactly where you want these things to go so most adults should have a will especially if you have children and you want to say where things go if you leave it up to the state say you are not married but you have two children the state is going to get equal shares to those children not all of us have perfect children and may want one child to have a lot more than the other because they’re responsible or some instances one of the children is not the most responsible person so they want the other child to basically delve out how that’s paid so the way you do that is through a will now if you have plenty of assets and things of that nature there’s even more importance for wills because then you can divvy it up the way you see fit so instead of telling somebody in your family hey when I die I want to be buried X Y & Z you put that in your will and it will be done without that people can fight over your things people get really weird over money so if you’re looking to control your stuff after you die and have no confusion about what happens go to a good attorney to draft you up a will so that will you can literally have peace of mind of what’s going to happen after you gone as easy as your funeral who gets your things if you have young children you could designate who you want the person taking care of them if you’ve both parents died at the same time simultaneous death so if you need them for more information about wills reach out to me and give you some more information here that we can’t cover in this short video get you in contact with somebody who can help you out draft you up something and then you can have a little more peace of mind so this is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here another edition of ask your attorney Friday keep your questions coming follow me on Facebook Instagram follow my YouTube channel and have a good weekend and hopefully you’ll need that will.

Does my attorney have to prepare for hearings?

Through a personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here today taking my walk to the courthouse this is right back there live on one’s East Kenny Boulevard so it’s a nice short walk to the courthouse or some hearings really important thing is that you must prepare for hearings even if you’ve done them before always lay out time during your day or the day before look at your calendar make sure you know what you’re going up against who your opposing counsel is the up everything printed if you need printed or if you can avoid the hearing entirely by making a phone call or an email do that too because if you are going to unnecessary hearings then you’re not sitting behind the desk enough and you can’t settle cases at unnecessary hearing so it’s all those young attorneys out there and get a lot done with a phone call or an email to prepare ahead of time but if you have to go to a hearing you know I don’t like to over prepare meaning don’t sweat every single nuance the reason I say that is sometimes you’re too stuck on every single nuance you forget to listen you forget to react to the judge and that in my opinion would be even more valuable than knowing every miniscule detail obviously you want to know as much as you can about the topic you’re talking about but remember when in court to listen and to react and I find that to always work so it’s all young you young attorneys out there we’re nervous about hearings prepare but don’t over prepare so a little bit of tips from I’d like to think myself is a little bit seasoned attorney here on my walk to the Hillsborough County Courthouse I take you along for the ride good day

Did Aretha Franklin die without a will?

Hello everyone it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another edition of give you guys some legal knowledge on the Freak and today with the passing of a wreath of Franklin and the news that a woman of that caliber has died without a will it is entirely shocking to me as an attorney they are estimating that her worth is somewhere around 80 million dollars and she did not have a will which means that it will be spread equally between her four children one of her children as well it’s a special needs son who’s going to need care for the rest of his life so I don’t know and we don’t know what miss Franklin the great singer wanted to do with her money or how she wanted it split up because she didn’t have a will so it will be split equally between those four people so I’m here to tell you today that you don’t have to have the net worth of a person like Aretha Franklin to protect your assets and to distribute them in the way that you deem fit in the untimely or timely time when you dive as a lot of times but we never know when we’re going to pass so you need to make sure that you have a will today and a lot of people ask me and I’m bringing this topic up as well because people have asked me about wills lately and one of the things people have is well how much is it and I don’t do well I’ve drafted one for four family members and things like that simple wills but I you do have some assets I do not recommend somebody who doesn’t do wills do it for you and I know some good attorneys so if you reach out to me I can get you into capable hands but a lot of people ask you know how much does it cost to get a will I don’t like to put prices on people’s but it is a very affordable from what I’ve seen as well as some estate planning attorneys as well somebody does probate do packages and a friend of mine that I talked to has a will a durable power of attorney health care surrogate a living will a designation of pre-need guardian all in one packet for an affordable price and I’m not saying that’s an affordable price as an attorney but just in general It is an affordable price for what you’re getting there and what you’re getting is peace of mind so you don’t know when you’re going to go and therefore you need to prepare as if tomorrow’s your last day so especially if you have children you have a little nest egg you need to have a will we wish miss Franklin had one because things get really messy when you have that much money and you don’t have a will you really want to see people’s true colors get money involved so I’m hoping for her family’s sake that they can all agree to take what is there and they don’t start fighting over possessions they can ruin families I’ve seen it happen first hand so your family’s clothes you want to sure that you get this will if you have any questions about wills I’m always here for you to answer those questions of what I know and if I don’t know I’m going to get you into good hands or somebody who can take care of you so it is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here with some topical legal advice for you today in downtown Tampa so have a good day.

Do I need to shred papers?

Hello everybody out there in social media we asked your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to give you some more tips for those people who have businesses or law firms or medical offices that deal with medical or sensitive information of your clients or people you deal business with what you need to do is when you get a piece of paper in the mail and it has some sort of identification on it or social security number to have their medical whatever it may be you need to instead of throwing it out in the trash you need to put it in shredder so that when you get done with your day instead of throwing out full papers that anybody can get to it looks like that so I got caught up on all my backlog of the papers that you do not throw away because they have medical information or Social Security numbers driver’s license never all that sensitive information the reason being is you could find yourself in a lot of hot water HIPAA violations can it cause you penalties per violations so imagine how much mail you’re throwing out in a dumpster people are going through that they rummage through your trash you think I’m joking it does happen that’s how people say then they can get stolen and their information get out there people want to keep this stuff private when it does go out they do want to sue so go yourself bad boy on Amazon they’re not paying me to say this but it’s like 35 bucks you run your papers through there you send out some confetti into the streets into the dumpster and you do not have to worry about getting sued for HIPAA violations or her sensitive material getting out there so it’s your personal injury attorney Terrance in here trying to keep you from getting sued by people in the community go buy a shredder folks have a good day and enjoy.

What to do if I just got served?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. its personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here and I’m leaving the courthouse can a beautiful Lakeland Florida today I wanted to talk today about service and process and about what to do if you just find out that’s you’re being sued and there’s a court date coming up so if you heard from somebody one of your friends that you were sued and that you should show up to court on Monday know that you needed to be served with paper so if you’ve seen all those things on TV and person comes up and says you know they’re hiding in a pizza delivery box and I said are you Tiffany Smith and you say yeah Tippy’s when they say ah you just got served right that old you just got served kind of like the movie with the cheerleaders and all that jazz well that is how you get served to be served by private process server or by the sheriff in the county in which you live but that is the only way that a lawsuit gets kicked off and that timing starts on you so if you hear from a friend that you need to be in court on Tuesday you can choose to go to court and accept service or waive service there but you do not have to until you are properly served by either the sheriff or a private process server so if you have been served reach out so not starting on the next steps if you have not been served there’s nothing to worry about just yet but make sure that they have a post about your house there’s a lot other rules so you have any other questions about service of process hit up your boy and notify me your area code four zero seven four zero five four six eight four Derek@lawBernstein.com YouTube Facebook LinkedIn 727-209-7957 I can help you out answer those questions how would a guess.