Does my attorney have to prepare for hearings?

Through a personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here today taking my walk to the courthouse this is right back there live on one’s East Kenny Boulevard so it’s a nice short walk to the courthouse or some hearings really important thing is that you must prepare for hearings even if you’ve done them before always lay out time during your day or the day before look at your calendar make sure you know what you’re going up against who your opposing counsel is the up everything printed if you need printed or if you can avoid the hearing entirely by making a phone call or an email do that too because if you are going to unnecessary hearings then you’re not sitting behind the desk enough and you can’t settle cases at unnecessary hearing so it’s all those young attorneys out there and get a lot done with a phone call or an email to prepare ahead of time but if you have to go to a hearing you know I don’t like to over prepare meaning don’t sweat every single nuance the reason I say that is sometimes you’re too stuck on every single nuance you forget to listen you forget to react to the judge and that in my opinion would be even more valuable than knowing every miniscule detail obviously you want to know as much as you can about the topic you’re talking about but remember when in court to listen and to react and I find that to always work so it’s all young you young attorneys out there we’re nervous about hearings prepare but don’t over prepare so a little bit of tips from I’d like to think myself is a little bit seasoned attorney here on my walk to the Hillsborough County Courthouse I take you along for the ride good day

What to do if where I’m renting goes into foreclosure

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein walking the halls of the Hillsborough County Courthouse and a criminal division here to talk to you about a legal blast that I get past questions about when it comes to renters rights when the person you are renting friend’s house those into or closure so if you are renting for somebody in the house goes into foreclosure they can no longer legally charge you for rent so if they have been doing that you can ask for that money back or you can reach out to legal Representation but you do not have to pay rent for the term of your lease in that property so if that is happening to you reach out to me or another great attorney or if you have any questions about landlord-tenant where you can reach out to me keep liking me on Facebook Instagram it is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here inside the Hillsborough courthouse.

Should I file for bankruptcy?

Hello everybody out there in social media land it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal class today I wanted to talk to you about bankruptcy what it is how you can use it and what are some of the negatives about using it trying to clear up a little bit about some misconceptions so bankruptcy is in the Constitution people are allowed to do it however I remind you that while you have a constitutional right to have a bankruptcy you don’t have a constitutional right to waive any of the fees so you do have to pay a filing fee to file for bankruptcy and what is it good for essentially is if you have a lot of debt unsecured debt like credit cards or maybe some past medical bills things of that nature it was a good way to get rid of that mounting debt so there’s two kinds of bankruptcy there’s chapter 7 there’s chapter 13 7 is a liquidation is heard of everything the thirteen is a three to five year repayment plan where they break every single thing down get you down to the nuts and bolts and work at a three to five year repayment plan of your death so when people file for thanks you’re thinking I have so much debt I need to file for bankruptcy some of the negatives you know it’s going to go on you’re going to have a judgment you’re going to have to be able to file for bankruptcy for years to come as well as the back that is going to show up on your credit score is really going to tank it but you know if you’re really behind on payments and things of that nature your credit source probably pretty bad as well but just remember That that Johnson Central look at that as well when you’re trying to get higher than a clue keep you from employment so when you’re looking at filing for bankruptcy you really need to sit down it is a personal decision on how much you need you need to reach out to a bankruptcy attorney but first you should really think about making yourself a budget really saying how much can I get by with without you know eating you know ramen every night but you’d really need to cut it down because if you do look and are going to file bankruptcy to do a repayment plan over five years and you can really just budget that to pay then maybe your plan should be to set a tight budget call up your debtors and work out a plan with them to pay it off over the next couple years so there’s no right or wrong answer but I remind you that there are certain things that you cannot bankrupt out of one of the fun is great student loans like with my student loan debt as well as alimony payments and child support so you can’t just say I owe my ex a hundred thousand dollars and child support payments I’m going to go bankrupt and so remember there’s a lot of other factors there if you have questions or concerns pretty good with finances as well so reach out to me I can get you in contact with somebody who does bankruptcy or just give you good advice to see if you need to keep your questions coming subscribe to my channel and

What to do if your home is damaged by a storm or fire?

Hello everybody out there in social media land it is your personal injury attorney dr. Ernst tonight here just finished up with another hearing in downtown Tampa and wanted to talk to you today about a question I get because we’re going into hurricane season here we just missed Florence so I wanted to talk to you about loss mitigation claims that are known as property damage claims so when your house is damaged by a hurricane or smoke or fire or any of those other things and you reach out to your insurance company to pay that bill that the contractors are giving you they’re going to come back and most of time they’re going to try to lowball you and not give you the full amount that the contractors are trying to get paid so what should you do you need to reach out to an attorney who handles property cases like myself and we can sue the insurance company if necessary to make sure that they pay your full bill so when that happens then the insurance company actually has to pay your attorneys legal fees so you’re not on the hook for legal fees when the attorney recovers for you so one of the things you need to make sure though when you’re doing this when you’re looking at the contractors make sure that did you or did you not sign what’s called an assignment of benefits which gives your right to sue the insurance to the contractor who did the work so if you have got damaged it could be from last year you can actually go back years back so you can reach out to me and tell me what happened I can tell you still have a point but if your insurance company didn’t pay that full amount you need to get an attorney to look at it to make sure that they should have paid that amount and they pay your attorney’s fees so there’s nothing out of your pocket to make sure that they paid to fold so that these contractors aren’t sending you into collections or trying to go after you for hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix things so you know those questions are very important and if you have any other questions about loss mitigation which is your fire damage smoke damage wind of rain leaks in your attic things of that nature and the insurance company is not wanting to play your claim reach out to your boy on YouTube you can reach out to me there Instagram Facebook cell phone wherever you want to get a hold of me and I’ll try to answer your questions and if you don’t know if you still have a claim for things that are out there from last year’s big hurricane reach out to me I’ll take a look at it we’ll look up the company maybe contact them see if they’ve made a claim for the money or if you still have that and if you haven’t signed an assignment a benefit so it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here trying to give you some knowledge on a beautiful day in downtown Tampa.

Can the HOA foreclose on my house?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here again to impart some legal knowledge on you and today I wanted to talk to all those homeowners out there especially the ones who live in HOA communities home owner association communities and I want to tell you about if you do not pay those assessments every year or fines they put on you because you didn’t cut your lawn or you didn’t make your shrubs lower I just live in an HOA community so I know all about that so what happens if you do not pay those fines well I’m here to tell you that they can continue to levy fines on you Kru interest but also they can make you sell your house so just like a bank foreclosure they can do an HOA foreclosure and sell your home court ordered to pay what you owe them so if you owe them a thousand dollars they can make you sell your house market value at auction to make that one thousand dollars be paid then you would get the rest of the amount so if your house has you know fifty thousand equity they take a thousand you get the 49 but you’d also have to get kicked out of your home so if you have those assessments and you do not think they are fair reach out to me I can take a look at them for you or if you do work for an HOA community and you’re you have some people in your community who aren’t paying things that are taking you as a joke you can start the foreclosure process so reach out to me either way and I can give you some good legal advice that your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here another beautiful day.

Do I need to shred papers?

Hello everybody out there in social media we asked your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to give you some more tips for those people who have businesses or law firms or medical offices that deal with medical or sensitive information of your clients or people you deal business with what you need to do is when you get a piece of paper in the mail and it has some sort of identification on it or social security number to have their medical whatever it may be you need to instead of throwing it out in the trash you need to put it in shredder so that when you get done with your day instead of throwing out full papers that anybody can get to it looks like that so I got caught up on all my backlog of the papers that you do not throw away because they have medical information or Social Security numbers driver’s license never all that sensitive information the reason being is you could find yourself in a lot of hot water HIPAA violations can it cause you penalties per violations so imagine how much mail you’re throwing out in a dumpster people are going through that they rummage through your trash you think I’m joking it does happen that’s how people say then they can get stolen and their information get out there people want to keep this stuff private when it does go out they do want to sue so go yourself bad boy on Amazon they’re not paying me to say this but it’s like 35 bucks you run your papers through there you send out some confetti into the streets into the dumpster and you do not have to worry about getting sued for HIPAA violations or her sensitive material getting out there so it’s your personal injury attorney Terrance in here trying to keep you from getting sued by people in the community go buy a shredder folks have a good day and enjoy.