Does my attorney have to prepare for hearings?

Through a personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here today taking my walk to the courthouse this is right back there live on one’s East Kenny Boulevard so it’s a nice short walk to the courthouse or some hearings really important thing is that you must prepare for hearings even if you’ve done them before always lay out time during your day or the day before look at your calendar make sure you know what you’re going up against who your opposing counsel is the up everything printed if you need printed or if you can avoid the hearing entirely by making a phone call or an email do that too because if you are going to unnecessary hearings then you’re not sitting behind the desk enough and you can’t settle cases at unnecessary hearing so it’s all those young attorneys out there and get a lot done with a phone call or an email to prepare ahead of time but if you have to go to a hearing you know I don’t like to over prepare meaning don’t sweat every single nuance the reason I say that is sometimes you’re too stuck on every single nuance you forget to listen you forget to react to the judge and that in my opinion would be even more valuable than knowing every miniscule detail obviously you want to know as much as you can about the topic you’re talking about but remember when in court to listen and to react and I find that to always work so it’s all young you young attorneys out there we’re nervous about hearings prepare but don’t over prepare so a little bit of tips from I’d like to think myself is a little bit seasoned attorney here on my walk to the Hillsborough County Courthouse I take you along for the ride good day

Why did I get pulled over for a dui when I wasn’t drinking

Hello everybody out there on social media. it is your personal injury attorney to our crime scene here leaving the courthouse after another successful if you’re going to want to talk to you today about probable cause when people get pulled over at night and one of the reasons that nobody really knows about and the cops can use to pull you over as a legal stop and that is attaching the little sticker on the top part of your license plate in the wrong place so by statute there is one legal place to post your sticker and that is right there see that top right corner so I know I see people and they post it and every little spot the lights go top left top right do a little design pretend they’re you know Bureau Wang with their backup their license plates and that actually can lead to a violation so when you’re pulling out of a bar in downtown St. Pete or you’re pulling out of a bar in SoHo or Brandon or wherever you like to have your libations the cops can look you have it on the top left well guess what they can pull you over and then what they’re going to see is they’re going to see bloodshot glassy watery eyes and the smell of Alcohol it comes up in every time I arrest you’ll see those words and you’ll go wait a second I wasn’t swerving I wasn’t doing this I wasn’t doing that and to compensate well they have fixed their tag in the wrong place that is a proper stop and then we discovered the smell of alcohol and all those things so when it comes around your birthday time you got to pay the tax man you get the little sticker top right hand corner is the only legal place to do so if you don’t have it there go out to your car right now peel it off the top left put it on the top right because you don’t want to get pulled over and sent to jail for a DUI at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and remember you can be put in jail but even if you only had a little bit to drink or you even blow over because your recourse is in court so does your personal injury attorney Jerry Percy here just leaving the courthouse subscribe to my channel YouTube Instagram TV Instagram Facebook LinkedIn wherever you find me reach out ask your questions I’m going to keep you guys out of jail somewhere legalized facts today for your day I’ll be going

What do I say to the cops when pulled over?

Hello everybody out there in social media land.  it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal blast I want to talk to you about something actually happened to me over the weekend which is I got allegedly pulled over with my dad as we were in vacation mode out there the valley of fire in Nevada and so one of the things that I want to talk to you is when the cop comes up to the window and they always ask you do you know why I stopped you so the reason why they’re asking you do you know why I stopped you is they want you to give an admission which is a hearsay exemption so it’s going to come in at trial if necessary of why they stopped you of course a lot of people go well I didn’t mean to be speeding I’m sorry I was on the way to my doctor’s appointment I was running behind and they give a lot of excuse to try to get a ticket or just you know it comes out naturally you tell the person I’m sorry I didn’t need to be speeding well that’s going to come out later in trial if you were to fight your ticket but what you could do is what I said everybody’s as I say I don’t know and what that does is it leaves nothing for them to use later on so if you do want to fight the ticket or you do want to get an attorney and trying to fight the ticket could be a bad stop whatever it may be you know the calibration on the machine wasn’t working it still leaves you a lot of defenses rather than you just coming up there on build saying I was speeding officer I’m sorry so the catch-22 of that is though is that if you say I don’t know then you’re probably not going to get the officer to give you a warning because no officers and deputies are human beings and sometimes they do sympathize with your plight like allegedly over the weekend me I was allegedly taking a look at all the beautiful rock formations so the officer did leave let me off with a warning because I was truthful with him but in other circumstances I don’t recommend being very truthful especially if your driving record is not spotless because you’re probably not going to get that warning anyways so I would tell people to keep it quiet tell the officer I have no idea why you pulled me over sir I was driving very perfect on the road so that you and when you get that ticket you can reach out to the attorney we can try to go at yourself and then take care of business there and fight to stop fight the calibration or buy whatever other things that you’re pulled over for so your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here trying to keep you out of jail trying to keep you away from tickets and give you good legal defenses so keep watching YouTube Instagram Facebook wherever you’re seeing this some of your messages I’ll answer your questions for you

What is paid administrative lead? Due process?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal blast and today I want to talk to you guys about something I see on the internet a lot especially social media and that is when a teacher or a cop or a postman or some government employee does something horrendous or bad and they get put on a paid administrative leave and people lose their mind to say how these people still have a job they’re getting paid still how is this going on and so what I’m here to tell you is that when you are a government employee according to the fifth and Fourteenth Amendment you cannot be deprived of a life liberty or property without due process so when you see that teacher who had sex with their 12 year old student get put on paid administrative leave the reason is due process so you cannot have your job away from you if you are a government employee without a hearing first so a lot of times it’s just a formality but according to the Constitution they must be given that right to a fair hearing before they are taken away their life liberty or property rights so that’s why you see this for cops mail carriers or some senator whatever it may be being given paid administrative so if you have any other questions you know where to find me LinkedIn Instagram Facebook cell phone if you need my number so that if you have any questions at any time DM me ask for it in the comments and I will send it to you so keep your questions coming and have a good day.

What is defamation? Libel? Slander?

hello everybody out there in social media land is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here again for another legal blast today I want to talk to you about a question I got from one of my viewers which asked me to talk about defamation so defamation comes in two forms first is libel which is written form the second is slander which is verbal form but I want to focus on defamation and libel form because we’re all in the Instagram LinkedIn Facebook watching me do this and that’s where people leave comments and make comments on other people’s pages so defamation by definition is publishing a false statement sort of published you have to actually be seen by a third person so if you put it on Facebook that’s publishing your statement has to be false about a person and the falsity of the statement caused injury to the plaintiff so first we look at it did you publish it yes you put something on Facebook was it about the person who’s suing you yes your friend from down the block you wrote some nasty stuff it wants to a third person yep because it’s for Facebook to see so you did publish it and then the falsity of the statement did it cause injury to the plaintiff that person lost their job a person reputation the community is now bad everybody thinks badly of that person but remember the best defense to a defamation libel slander suit is the truth so if you’re out there and you said that your friend was a terrible mother or she was drinking behind the wheel with her kids in the car and that’s why she lost a license or lost her job and they suit you and you pull up the priest report that shows that that person blew over the legal limit and was tried by jury their peers well guess what you’re not going to have to pay that person but I remind you that when you do get sued by somebody even if you do have the truth on your side it is good to get an attorney who knows the laws that can defend you against such and it is a frivolous lawsuit there’s ways that you could possibly have the other side and have to pay your attorney’s fees but that gets into a different post so keep your questions coming hope this answers your question out there.

You are being recorded in the back of a cop car

Hello everybody out there in social media Land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here leaving the CJC after some domestic violence injunction hearings and I wanted to talk to you today about a question I got some things that I wanted to go over and that is if you ever get arrested for DUI for domestic battery for punching your friend in the face and you are put into the back of a squad car you are being recorded at his video and audio so don’t be sitting back there and saying things like all that punk he really deserved to be punch in the face I’m so glad idea that or man I drank too many drinks I shouldn’t got in the car being all drunk like I was those things can be used against you are being recorded so do not say anything when you get to the back of a cop car because they’re going to use that against you in court of admissions of your guilt so it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein from Clearwater CJC trying to keep you guys out of jail this beautiful weekend in the Tampa Bay