hello everybody out there in social media it is your personal injury attorney to your crime scene here leaving the courthouse after another successful if you’re going to want to talk to you today about probable cause when people get pulled over at night and one of the reasons that nobody really knows about and the cops can use to pull you over as a legal stop and that is attaching the little sticker on the top part of your license plate in the wrong place so by statute there is one legal place to post your sticker and that is right there see that top right corner so I know I see people and they post it and every little spot the lights go top left top right do a little design pretend they’re you know Bureau Wang with their backup their license plates and that actually can lead to a violation so when you’re pulling out of a bar in downtown St. Pete or you’re pulling out of a bar in SoHo or Brandon or wherever you like to have your libations the cops can look you have it on the top left well guess what they can pull you over and then what they’re going to see is they’re going to see bloodshot glassy watery eyes and the smell of Alcohol it comes up in every time I arrest you’ll see those words and you’ll go wait a second I wasn’t swerving I wasn’t doing this I wasn’t doing that and to compensate well they have fixed their tag in the wrong place that is a proper stop and then we discovered the smell of alcohol and all those things so when it comes around your birthday time you got to pay the tax man you get the little sticker top right hand corner is the only legal place to do so if you don’t have it there go out to your car right now peel it off the top left put it on the top right because you don’t want to get pulled over and sent to jail for a DUI at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and remember you can be put in jail but even if you only had a little bit to drink or you even blow over because your recourse is in court so does your personal injury attorney Jerry Percy here just leaving the courthouse subscribe to my channel YouTube Instagram TV Instagram Facebook LinkedIn wherever you find me reach out ask your questions I’m going to keep you guys out of jail somewhere legalized facts today for your day I’ll be going