Hello everybody out there in social media land.  it’s your boy Derek Bernstein here your personal injury attorney for a beautiful day in downtown Tampa as I take a walk to the courthouse for another fun and exciting hearing here to talk to you about a question I get a lot about HR Human Resources a lot of people say I’m unhappy my job my boss sure whatever maybe I went to HR and they didn’t do anything and then next thing you know the person was getting called into HR and I can fired what can I do about it I’m here to tell you that a lot of people have a misconception that HR is here to help you and they’re not they’re here to protect the interests of your employer so the reason what they want to hear about were Aspen and overtime and things of that nature is because they want to protect the company from a loss so when you’re having problems at work your boss is being a jerk and things like that and it’s not level rising to the level of harassment you want to make sure if you talk to your spouse they’ve talked to a buddy but not complain about everything to HR because they could take you as a nuisance and then want to get rid of you so use HR for important issues for the rest of the stuff you know work it out on your own so your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein you’re walking to the courthouse beautiful day in downtown Tampa saying have a good day