Hello Facebook friends. It’s your attorney Derek Bernstein here. It is Friday May 11th about 4 o’clock right now we are at the offices of FL Legal Group where I work in beautiful downtown Tampa about one block from Emily arena where the lightning will play soon. one thing I wanted to start doing was answering some legal questions on Fridays for people who just kind of are afraid and don’t know what they’re getting themselves into or they’ve gotten to a car crash and they’re just not getting good advice or just generally have some legal questions that they’re just afraid to ask or can’t find on Google so I’d like to start doing a little weekly video where through the week people can send me a question they have and I’ll pick one on Fridays and I’ll try to answer it the best of my ability or I can reach out to some other other attorneys and get that answered for you so this is video number one let me know if you like it if you have any questions ways I can make it better just trying to give you guys some good advice pass it forward in multiple areas but today I wanted to talk about a question I get a lot as a personal injury attorney about should I go to the doctor after a car crash if I’m feeling good so the reason why I always answered people is yes is simple you have 14 days to go and get medical attention so what does medical attention really mean there well it could be getting seen at the scene of the accident by emergency medical it could be going to an urgent care it could be going to a hospital be going to a chiropractor technically you can go to a dentist as well even though that’s probably really limited use there but one of the things I tell the people is that they say I feel fine everything is Great and that may be true but there’s a lot of asymptomatic issues that you could have so I tell people go to an urgent care go to your chiropractor go to your family physician if you do feel like it’s emergency obviously go to the emergency room but go get seen quickly to make sure it’s that just everything’s Okay what you don’t want is three weeks from now you are sitting on your couch you go do something with your kid they jump on your back and now you’re in a ton of pain and now you go to the doctor and you have to pay out of pocket or you have to build your health insurance see if you’re in a car crash you have what’s called personal injury protection it’s ten thousand dollars per occurrence per person in your vehicle so if you and two of your children are in the back seat get into an accident bring them with you make sure that it opens up your pip coverage so that when you go to that doctor make sure you tell them I’ve been in an accident and I would like to be Evaluated and if everything comes back clean bill of health great if it doesn’t and something is wrong then at least you know and even if you were the person who’s at fault you ran a red light you didn’t stop at a stop sign you were on your phone watching a video I don’t recommend watching this one while you’re driving but you still have $10,000 to treat for car crash that could be chiropractic that could be physical therapy like be getting MRIs to make sure that you’re not really hurt or hurt could be some minor surgeries payment and whatever any necessary is it’s money that you pay every single month so you want to make sure that you go out to a doctor you get checked out and you just make sure that everything is fine or it isn’t so that when you’re sitting at home later and you go to the doctor if you didn’t get seen within 14 days there’s no money you’re basically giving up that money right then and there by not getting checked out so when in doubt go in get checked out if you don’t know of a good physician in anywhere in the Tampa Bay area I have the privilege and honor representing a lot of good chiropractors md’s dio’s physical therapist I can give you a recommendation on who I would go to in your area to get checked out there will be very little out-of-pocket so you don’t have to worry about paying a hundred to three hundred dollars your pip insurance will cover that you’ll have to cover a copay which gives a small amount there too so if you have any questions about that reach out to me if you guys have any questions in general it could be family law bankruptcy landlord tenant one of the reasons I got into law was just to help people so if you have any questions that you think you’d like to ask a lawyer Here I am trying to pass it forward and enjoy your weekend go bolts stay safe and happy Mother’s Day to everyone bye