Hello everybody out there in social media land. it is your personal injury Attorney Derek Bernstein here for another edition of ask an attorney Friday it is of course Friday so we’re all getting ready for the weekend and Father’s Day coming up so happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there especially mine who’s out in Clearwater probably complaining about something about it being too hot but still that one nonetheless so today I was posed a question to get to talking about bad settlement offers or low settlements in general so I have a top four reasons why I believe people get low settlement offers and let go over them with you right now so number one having no representation at all and a lot of people out there think you know they could be very smart at what they do that computer analyst or teacher doctor and they say you know what I’m smart I know what I’m doing and I’m going to go for it on my own and I couldn’t warrant you more because these insurance companies know that you’re not an attorney know that you don’t know the ins and out of personal injury and they will exploit your weaknesses to the highest detriment of yourself and offer you low money and you will unbeknownst to you be taking something that you deserve much more for so always hire competent legal representation number two is having bad documentation in your file and that can come from your MRIs your chiropractor your dental if you needed surgeries etc. etc. having good notes physicians that take good notes can properly document properly show the insurance company that hey this person has a serious injury and they need to be compensated accordingly number three is having bad insurance so what do I mean when I mean bad insurance I mean not properly having enough insurance to protect yourself when somebody hits you and they don’t have enough insurance so this in the legal field is called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage um is the term so if you can afford um insurance I highly suggest that you go out and get um insurance I have it which protects me and my family if I’m hit by somebody without a license with very minimum coverage their coverage lapsed for some reason their insurance companies not paying your uninsured motorist coverage would kick in and take care of your medical and pain and suffering and things of that nature so uninsured motorist coverage is a great way to get the proper valuation for your claim number three I’m sorry for is hiring the right attorney so when that means come out and hiring the right attorney what do you need to look at you need to look at somebody who’s competent who can communicate not just with you but with the insurance company as well as somebody who actually goes to court and why do I think this is so important because these inset these insurance companies do look at your attorney when evaluating your claims insurance companies they know who¬† doesn’t do anything and they know that people enter in court and they know the people that they can’t push around they know the people that they can’t just give low numbers to and have them take it so you need to get an attorney like myself who’s in court all the time who’s taking depositions who’s fighting on summary judgments who’s ready to set things for trial it’s me P because confident legal representation like myself is very important to getting the right representation and settlement goals that you’re looking for so top four reasons not having representation bad documentation not having that um coverage and then hiring the right attorney so keep your questions coming Instagram Facebook email text stop me in the street keep them coming I love answering it so this has been another edition of ask of attorney Friday with your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein see you guys next Friday have a good weekend.