Can I drive and use my phone?

Hello everybody out there in social media Land. it’s  your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal blast today I wanted to talk to you about something I’ve been seeing a lot on Facebook and Instagram and that is people taking videos up the road up things around them of things in the car while driving so as a personal injury attorney that right there in the event you get in a crash is going to come back to hurt you even if you weren’t using your phone that day you’ve got into a crash the defense counsel is going to try to bring it in to court to use against you that you have a pattern of using your phone so they’re going to use it to get discovery on your phone look through your file and show the jury that you like to mess around with your phone while you’re driving instead of paying attention so if you’re doing that you’re professional you’re taking videos you’re trying to do this you’re trying to be funny or you’re just trying to document your day I understand but you can’t do it so personal injury Derek Bernstein here selling you keep your phones away and have a good day and drive safe.

Can I sue if I am hit by a foul ball?

It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here game on alts going to talk to you about a rule when people say if you get hit by a baseball can you sue the team who hit you the answer is no check the back of your ticket assessment shop with glowing objects it’s a dangerous sport you have to pay attention so if you get hit in the head even if you’re a Sox fan you can’t sue the Yankees for hitting yourself keep it up guys and go Yankees

Should I see a doctor after a car crash?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal blast with the courthouse there after a hearing and I wanted to talk today about a question I got which was why would you go see a doctor after a car crash if you were not injured so I know it sounds funny but in state of 40 I only have 14 days to get checked out by a doctor attending that on another video but today if you go to the doctor when you get checked out everything is all clear to go get an MRI everything is all clear and then subsequently in your future you get into a car crash that insurance company and you actually are really injured the insurance company is going to come back and point when you tell them well I’ve been in a car crash before they’re going to say well all these damages are pre-existing from the first car crash well then what you can do with your attorney is you can go back to them and say hmmm look I got checked out on that date here’s my MRI and there’s the proof that I was not injured in the first car crash so well it sounds silly to go get checked out even if you are not injured in the future it can be very beneficial as well as the fact that your own pip insurance will take care of it for me I can answer more questions about that as well but if you’re injured definitely reach out to somebody go to a trusted doctor get an MRI make sure those funds come up negative with a dew point positive then you may have a case because there’s no put you there even if you’re showing up being symptomatic so as your personal injury attorney Derek  Bernstein here inside the court is another beautiful day in Tampa keep your questions coming subscribe to my YouTube channel Instagram

What should I do after a slip and fall?

Hello everybody out there is social media Land. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here for another legal blast. let’s talk about slip and fall accidents and it’s not as easy as it sounds because it goes down to a reasonable and a standard when you’re an invitee into a business or a friend’s house or something of that nature it goes to the reasonableness standards meaning the owner needed to have known about the issue or should have known about the issue what was there so in the instance of a public slip and fall on some milk the owner needs to know what is going on or they have to have reasonable procedures in place to protect the consumer the invitee when they go on to their property so if somebody just spilled a glass of milk on the floor you go 20 seconds later and slip on it it’s probably not going to be something that you’re going to be able to recover for but if it’s something that’s been there for a couple hours you could have a good case but you wanted to a three-channel show an attorney immediately or we can do is we send out letters to them telling them not to delete videos not to believe pictures and things like that so you don’t want any spoiling evidence if they do get those letters and they do allow things to be deleted and things of that nature then you are looking at some issues on their part when they try to bring it to trial and stuff of that matter so when you are going there as well one thing last thing to talk about is it cannot be something that is just so obviously you’re so if you are running full-speed and you see wet floor signs in a Publix and you crash and burn and hurt yourself well that’s kind of pretty much beyond you and the they trust me they will not let that video go away so if you have any other questions about slipping Falls reach out to me you can DM me you can Instagram the LinkedIn Facebook YouTube comment wherever you need I can be there reach out to me your personal injury attorney Derek for our scene for another legal blast.

Take caution when driving on Halloween

Hello everybody out there in social media land. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to talk to you and wish you a happy Halloween but also wanted to warn you that there are going to be a lot of little kids out on the road. Excited, dressed up, dark clothes today. So if you are out driving, you need to take extreme caution when you are driving because there will be a lot of things for little kids to do and they are not always going to look both ways before crossing the road. Now the thing legally that I think the jury would take into account is that we all know that it is Halloween. We know that today has a lot of kids running in and out of the streets. You should take that heightened risk analysis, so they will probably look at you through the lens that it is Halloween, not just a normal night, and we know the dangers are there. If you’re out driving, remember to drive slowly and have a happy Halloween. Drive cautiously and if you have any questions, you know where to find me. Right here.

What to do after you burn the thanksgiving turkey?

hello everybody out there in social media land is your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here again for another legal blast and today I want to talk to you because tomorrow is Thanksgiving of course so I want to talk to you if you think you’re the best deep fryer of turkeys or you make the best honey baked ham and just at the wrong time you step away and it goes up in flames and injures your home with smoke damage or flame damage and you send it out to the insurance company insurance company comes back and tells you they’re not going to pay the full amount of what it’s going to take to fix your house you do have recourse you are still you do have the choice to get an attorney sue your own insurance and then the attorney can fight on your behalf to make sure that they pay your bill in full or if you assign your rights to a contractor to fix your damages they can reach out to an attorney before coming after you for payments for the remainder and make sure they get paid and it won’t cost you a Cent to hire an attorney because it’s a first party claim in the attorney if they are to get you back funds to pay those bills will get their attorney’s fees paid for by the insurance companies so your personal if your attorney here wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving and watch your hands and turkeys and brisket so you don’t have to call me when your house catches on fire how’s it going