Do I need to shred papers?

Hello everybody out there in social media we asked your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to give you some more tips for those people who have businesses or law firms or medical offices that deal with medical or sensitive information of your clients or people you deal business with what you need to do is when you get a piece of paper in the mail and it has some sort of identification on it or social security number to have their medical whatever it may be you need to instead of throwing it out in the trash you need to put it in shredder so that when you get done with your day instead of throwing out full papers that anybody can get to it looks like that so I got caught up on all my backlog of the papers that you do not throw away because they have medical information or Social Security numbers driver’s license never all that sensitive information the reason being is you could find yourself in a lot of hot water HIPAA violations can it cause you penalties per violations so imagine how much mail you’re throwing out in a dumpster people are going through that they rummage through your trash you think I’m joking it does happen that’s how people say then they can get stolen and their information get out there people want to keep this stuff private when it does go out they do want to sue so go yourself bad boy on Amazon they’re not paying me to say this but it’s like 35 bucks you run your papers through there you send out some confetti into the streets into the dumpster and you do not have to worry about getting sued for HIPAA violations or her sensitive material getting out there so it’s your personal injury attorney Terrance in here trying to keep you from getting sued by people in the community go buy a shredder folks have a good day and enjoy.

What to do if I just got served?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. its personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here and I’m leaving the courthouse can a beautiful Lakeland Florida today I wanted to talk today about service and process and about what to do if you just find out that’s you’re being sued and there’s a court date coming up so if you heard from somebody one of your friends that you were sued and that you should show up to court on Monday know that you needed to be served with paper so if you’ve seen all those things on TV and person comes up and says you know they’re hiding in a pizza delivery box and I said are you Tiffany Smith and you say yeah Tippy’s when they say ah you just got served right that old you just got served kind of like the movie with the cheerleaders and all that jazz well that is how you get served to be served by private process server or by the sheriff in the county in which you live but that is the only way that a lawsuit gets kicked off and that timing starts on you so if you hear from a friend that you need to be in court on Tuesday you can choose to go to court and accept service or waive service there but you do not have to until you are properly served by either the sheriff or a private process server so if you have been served reach out so not starting on the next steps if you have not been served there’s nothing to worry about just yet but make sure that they have a post about your house there’s a lot other rules so you have any other questions about service of process hit up your boy and notify me your area code four zero seven four zero five four six eight four YouTube Facebook LinkedIn 727-209-7957 I can help you out answer those questions how would a guess.

Should I take pictures after a car crash?

Hello everybody out there in social media land. it’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here live from my office and I’m here to tell you that one of the best things you can do after a car crash is exactly what I’m doing right now I took out my phone I got the camera out and you start snapping take pictures of your car take pictures of the person in the other car take picture there’s a hitch on the front with their run to their car on the back of your car take pictures of that dip it to the front take person to the side to picture the person that they’re just standing there obviously don’t get into a confrontation but take pictures take video the more information you give your personal injury attorney about how your car looks exactly after the accident is going to be great evidence to use because we’re going to send that to the insurance company and say look this wasn’t a little you know fender bender they like to put that out there oh that’s a little bit of very low impact crash you want to then show them not look at these pictures look how good they are you don’t want to wait until they send it to their adjuster to come out and take a look and take horrible pictures that don’t actually show their damage so do the thing that they just outlawed on July want in cars and that’s use your cell phone after a crash to make sure everything is good so it’s your personal injury attorney here Derek Bernstein law trying to keep you from getting in trouble with the law and get you paid for what the damages are to your vehicle have a good one guys.

What is full coverage insurance?

Hello everybody out there in social media land it’s your personal injury attorneys our crime scene and I’m here leaving the Clearwater courthouse in downtown Clearwater beautiful Clearwater Beach right there I’m here to tell you that the term full-coverage is right see here people say I got full coverage I asking you know what Ricardo I got full coverage personally gotten full coverage so I’m here to tell you that that is a nonsense work right usually when people talk about full coverage that they’re really talking about is comp and collision right fixing people’s bumpers fixing your bumper that’s cause um uninsured motorist coverage underinsured motorist coverage what it means though is that when you get into a car accident the person who hits you is not going to be my person just ran our landline say yes we got to pay attention but when they hit you with their car it means that they don’t have insurance and that you need to protect Yourself so um insurance means that you have a certain dollar amount I recommend $100,000 $300,000 stacked coverage and that will ensure that if you’re hit by some bozo who doesn’t have any insurance that you will have up to three hundred thousand dollars worth of insurance for you and your family there that means that if you need to have a surgery you can get a surgery if you need chiropractic care physical therapy all those things you will be covered so don’t believe the hype when somebody is selling you full coverage right it doesn’t mean anything ask them if it as um insurance attached to it ask what the bodily injury limits are if you have no idea really still what I’m talking about hit me up 727-209-7597 it’s all right there I pray on the side of my car and I’ll take care you make sure you have true full coverage so if you’re hit with somebody without insurance and get same care if you guys have a good one keep them coming follow me on the Instagram Facebook I’m on LinkedIn I’m on tik-tok right so find me anywhere send me a message I’ll take care of you.

Am I really suing my friend if I’m injured in their car?

Good morning social media followers. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here to give some great advice on this beautiful day leaving the courthouse in Clearwater, Florida and that is about car crashes. So, a lot of people will get scared when they get hurt or trip and fall, slip and fall, if it’s your friend’s car that they got into a car crash and it’s their friends fault. Then they say “well I don’t want to sue my friend.” Here’s the thing: their insurance, if they have it which they should, to be legally driving a vehicle in the state of Florida, their insurance will pick up the claim and defend them. So if you’re scared about “I’m going to be suing my friend, they’re going to lose their house, they’re going to do all of this, that and the other, that’s not necessarily going to happen. When you do sue them, you sue your friend Billy Smith and he has Geico, guess what? Geico is going to pick up the phone, give him attorneys to defend the case and they are obligated to only pay out the maximum amount of the policy that person has.  So they are not going to, in most instances, they’re not going to lose their house; they’re not going to go bankrupt because of a car crash. Their insurance kicks in and the insurance will take care of the case for them. So don’t feel bad if you are injured, you need surgery, you need to see a doctor so that you have to ‘sue’ your friend. That was insurance for people. So it’s your personal injury attorney. If you have any other questions about insurance, identification, crazy crap like that, hit your boy up. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure you can send me a message on Netflix at this point but anything you want to get a hold of me with, tiktok, anything like that and I’ll pick up my phone and respond back to you. 727-209-7957, You guys have a good day.

Should realtors bring people in their cars?

Hello, everybody out there in social media land. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein here in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, leaving the courthouse and I want to give advice to those real estate agents, those realtors, those friends of mine who are bringing people in their personal vehicle to go to showings and listings and things like that. I do not recommend it. I would tell you to have them follow you there to the appointments in your car while in their car so if anything were ever to happen; they get in a car crash, they are your passenger, they are going to more than likely sue you because you were the owner of that vehicle. Also if you are doing it under your business, they are going to sue your business as well. So if you are going to bring people in your vehicle, I’d recommend a commercial policy. I know some good agents if you need help there getting a commercial policy but don’t be taking people around in your personal vehicle. Make sure that they follow you in there so in the unlikely event of a crash, they can sue their own insurance of the person who hit you, hit them, and not you. It’s your personal injury attorney Derek Bernstein leaving the courthouse in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, trying to help out my real estate friends. Go sell some houses guys.